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Allegro provide Jazz for Food Festival

Allegro provide Jazz for Food Festival

Allegro Arts provided the unique jazz group VINTAGE COCKTAIL to the British Food Festival on the weekend of 9/10 July in the sunny grounds of Windsor Racecourse, which was a very successful event all round.

Perfect party jazz met with warm applause throughout the weekend, as visitors enjoyed the mellow vocals of pianist Mark Marlowe and the ambiance-enhancing double bass and drums of the other players, Michael and Paul. The organisers asked for the trio to play for a longer period on the second day in response the the success of the music with their visitors.

It all goes to show that Vintage Cocktail Trio or Quartet suit outdoor events perfectly, so why not consider them for your next corporate event? Indoors or out, this is a fabulous small jazz group to set the mood. Just ask Allegro Arts for the details and a quote for your summer party jazz.


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