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The Greatest Hips | 6-piece

The Greatest Hips | 6-piece

PARTY BAND   Female Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar, Keys, Double Bass, Drums

Ref. B211

Repertoire: A wide range of classic and contemporary pop music

Profile:  Often found performing at high-end weddings or corporate events held in London’s swanky Park Lane hotels and fronted by a gorgeous and immensely talented singer, the Greatest Hips powers its way through a fantastic selection of classic and contemporary pop, soul, motown and funk music; a mix of songs that guarantees your guests will be up on their feet dancing the night away without fail.

The Greatest Hips is made up of some of the best professional musicians active on the thriving London music scene and the band’s unique performances are set up to showcase their exceptional skills and talent. This means that when you hire this excellent party band for your wedding or event you’ll not only experience the exquisite vocals of their lead singers but also be wowed by fantastic guitar hero moments, soaring sax solos, uber-cool keys playing and some of the best live drum grooves imaginable.

This unique and flexible approach to performing keeps the Greatest Hips sounding immensely fresh and able to work a crowd like no other act around, setting them apart from all of the other mediocre party bands out there in the market, and most importantly helps give you and your guests a live music experience you’ll never be able to forget!

Please request their video link from us if you’re interested in booking.


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