Guitarist | James

Guitarist | James


Ref. GT144

Style: Jazz standards, Pop standards, Classical standards.

Profile: James is a creative young guitarist with a passion for the beauty of the guitar and the wide possibilities that it possesses as a solo instrument. Stylistically James’ approach is very different to many solo guitarists you can book for an event, in that he is an expert in the style of thumb picking. This technique enables the guitarist to play complex bass lines while simultaneously playing the chords and melody; this creates a unique sound and often the illusion of hearing two guitar players. James’ set list can range from very intimate ballads up to far more dynamic swing tunes which get feet tapping without the need of a band. James likes to feature both acoustic and jazz guitar in his sets, and by performing a mixture of gorgeous ballads, dynamic up-tempo swing tunes, and everything in between, he is guaranteed to add great ambience to your event.


Killing Me Softly

Beauty and the Beast

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