American Songbook | The Dappers

American Songbook | The Dappers

JAZZ DUO or TRIO or QUARTET  Vocals optional

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StyleFamiliar American Songbook classics of the 1920s through to the 1960s, in a warm ‘old-school’ swing style.

Profile: The Dappers are an exciting jazz group featuring pianist Michael and double bass player Tom as the base duo of the group. This popular, charismatic pair make a fresh swinging sound that will entertain guests at any event; they most often play for receptions as background music. They complement their exceptional playing with their singing, one smooth & crooning, the other gruff and sassy. Their wonderful singing and arrangements are as smart as their suits. They have been making great swing music together for ten years and their teamwork is the charm of this act. Saxophone/drums can be added to the duo.

“The guys were great and everybody I spoke to really enjoyed them – they were not obtrusive in any way and enhanced the whole atmosphere with their selection of tunes, so we were really pleased and thank you for organising them for me.” John Welch, LordsBM, London.

Listen to the Duo:

Vocal Selection

Listen to the Trio of piano, bass and rhythm:

You make me feel so young (Instrumental)

Sway (Vocal and instrumental)

Listen to the Trio of piano, bass and saxophone:

All of Me

At Last

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