Roaming Band with Vocals and Violin

Roaming Band with Vocals and Violin

ROAMING BAND               

Guitars, upright bass, violin, drums, four vocals

Ref: J220

Style:  Playful gypsy style from Marley to UK garage

Profile:   What is a Roaming Band? These guys have re-defined the concept with their fully wireless equipment, which allows them to play through their portable PA or connect to a larger system for excellent coverage of a larger event. This means they can perform outside for a drinks reception, wedding or party, giving you fun and interaction with guests, or be your evening party band partying alongside you on the dance floor. During a dinner they can move round the tables while the sound remains even across the room.

But roaming is far from the end of the story. The superb musicianship and excellent voices of all the band members has to be heard to be appreciated, and you can get a good feel for it from the video below. Four-part harmonies and gypsy-style rhythms, from Marley to UK garage, this is music to delight everyone.

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