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Pre- and Post-Wedding Portraits

Pre- and Post-Wedding Portraits

These days wedding portraits taken in the relaxed atmosphere of any day other than your wedding day are extremely popular. It’s obvious – you are relaxed and happy, you can wear your gorgeous wedding clothes, and create yourselves in any style you want. Whether you go specially to the island of Santorini or simply to the beach at Brighton, this is your chance to take as much time as you need, choose the weather, choose the scenery, and make the portraits unique.

The picture shown here was taken on a beach in Spain in November 2016, completely unexpectedly, when one of our photographers noticed the couple being photographed by a friend (with a mobile phone). The sun was just fading pinkly into the sea, the light was  perfect, and he took the shots for the couple before the moment passed, using the fantastic camera and lens that he ‘just happened to have with him’. Actually, he usually has them with him!

Allegro Arts Photography offers couples marrying in 2017 a very special and personal service – a photography session for your Engagement, for Pre-wedding portraiture, or after the wedding itself, to complete your memories of this very special year.

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