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Resident Musicians

Resident Musicians

Our clients in London can benefit from our affordable Resident Musician Contract. We provide reliable, beautiful and personable musicians to your venue on a regular basis, giving you the kudos of having a Musician in Residence playing to your clientele.

Harpists, Pianists and Guitarists are excellent choices, and other music to suit your particular venue is easy for us to arrange for you. To benefit from our extremely reasonable fees we suggest a minimum of three days per week, a three-hour period per day at a time to suit you. Our Residencies Associate, Maria Chiossi, would be pleased to discuss possible arrangements with you and meet you at your venue.

We offer many value-added factors: we personally choose our musicians; we have over eleven years’ experience of providing live music; and we never stop supervising the residencies.

If you are thinking of a resident musician for the first time, the benefit is that you can create an astonishing effect with a resident harpist of grace, charm and beauty. Our harpists are wonderful players and have the personality to relate with your clients and develop a personal rapport which has them coming back time and again. Our proposal would be to enhance the atmosphere of your signature room with live music at a time of day of your choice, perhaps during Afternoon Tea, or the Cocktail Hour, so that your guests frequently return to enjoy the experience and pass the word to their friends and colleagues of the gorgeous ambiance of your venue.

A resident harpist is the top option for elegant sophistication. We would dedicate two harpists to your service, so you become closely acquainted and have both variety and reliability. Alternatively, an outstanding cocktail pianist, the most traditional of English background music, is a choice accompaniment to sophisticated living. You may also consider the classical guitarist, playing a refined medley of traditional English, Spanish and modern music perfect for a sense of international flair. If we haven’t mentioned the music you have in mind it’s only to save your time here; be assured we have musicians from many different genres all ready to become your resident musician.

You may already know how you want to use live music in your venue; we can offer an attractive alternative to other agencies and more reliability than independent musicians. We will give you the undivided attention of a music manager ensuring you have the beautiful and reliable service you deserve. Creative and personal, our musicians are poised to deliver a quintessential flavour unique to your venue.

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