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Sonoro Choir’s concert ‘Passion and Polyphony’ | 23 June 2016

Sonoro Choir’s concert ‘Passion and Polyphony’ | 23 June 2016

Booking is now open for the latest concert by Sonoro Choir, ‘Passion and Polyphony’, which takes place on Thursday 23rd June at St James’s, Paddington.

Three modern devotional works fill the evening’s performance. Firmly steeped in the Gregorian and early polyphonic traditions, these modern choral masterpieces blend the past with the present in a thrilling fashion. The intensity of the music and the intimacy of the unaccompanied voices have the power to inspire deep and spiritual emotions.The venue compliments the music perfectly, boasting a warm choral acoustic with seating arranged around a central performance area, creating an intimate relationship between performers and audience.


MacMillan Miserere
Pizzetti Messa di Requiem
Martin Mass for Double Choir

Tickets are available from Ticket Source or direct from Sonoro Choir.

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