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Wedding Organist

Wedding Organist

Allegro Arts can provide wedding couples all over the country with an organist for their church wedding. Most often the church has a resident organist, and if so this musician will be the organist for your wedding. In fact, generally the organist’s fee is still charged to your wedding invoice even if you decide against using them – this is the organist’s livelihood, after all, and the Musicians’ Union stipulates that organists should receive their fee even if the couple want to bring in a different organist.

However, sometimes there is no resident organist for your wedding ceremony, and in that case we can help. Allegro Arts supplies many organists. They vary from those who, for whatever reason, charge the basic minimum fee, all the way to cathedral organists from some of the country’s best-known and highly reputed cathedrals.

Why have an organist? Well,your hymns really do need accompaniment on an organ, even if you have choir singers supporting your congregation. However, if you prefer, the rest of your music can be played on string quartet, harp or piano, such as for your bridal entrance, or the recessionals. Music during the signing of the register can be played or – delightfully – it can be sung by a soloist or small choir.

A professional organist is likely to cost anything between £150 to £400, and it all depends on who they are rather than how much they play. Why not ask us now to let you know who is available on your wedding date and what their fee would be? There is no obligation with Allegro Arts.

Speak soon then.

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