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Latin-American | Amigos de la Fiesta

Latin-American | Amigos de la Fiesta

LATIN GROUP           Vocals, piano, percussion and trumpet available

Ref. W107

Style: Latin, Salsa, Brazilian, Pop, Cuban, Caribbean, Funk, Soul, Samba

Profile: The amazing Amigos de la Fiesta recreate the sizzling sounds of Latin America and the Caribbean with an uplifting musicwhich is inspiring and unifying, mixing salsa with other influences to bring you a fresh, funky and instant Latin house party experience. With its compact 2–4 piece line-up of vocals, piano, percussion and trumpet, Amigos de la Fiesta distil a vibrant and stylish mix of salsa, funk, soul and samba, from Cuban classics and laid back Brazilian beats right through to the present day. Each of the musicians takes the lead with their respective elements – the rhythms of the percussion, the harmonies of the piano, the melodies of the trumpet and the lyrics of the vocals – creating an explosive spark of musical interplay, with an emphasis on live dynamic interaction. Providing a quick and easy salsa solution, the band have been a favourite with house parties, product launches and promotional and media work as well as weddings and parties.


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