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Indian and Fusion

Indian and Fusion

Tabla, Dholak, Dhol player, 

Bollywood, Garba and Bhajan singer, 

Accompanying instruments: Tabla/Vocal with Flute, Sitar, Violin, Guitar, Saxophone, and more.

Ref. SR62

Repertoire: Classical, Bollywood, Fusion, Instrumental, Bhajans, Folk.

Trained:  Sangeet College London; Ahemdabad with several teachers.

Profile:  Eexperienced young artists with a passion for Indian and Fusion genres of music. Offering soloists and ensembles alike, we can arrange the perfect music for events from festivals to weddings and celebrations. From soloists and duos to larger groups of music, this talented body of musicians based in London have appeared at Incredible India promotional events in Exeter, Nottingham and London; in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics; in 2011 at the BBC Proms; at the Navratri festival celebrations held at Cambridge, Kings College London and UCL; and at the Diwali Celebrations 2008 at Watford Hare Krishna Mandir.

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