Steel Pans | Steel Drum Lilt

Steel Pans | Steel Drum Lilt

STEEL PAN BAND            Solo, duo, trio, to 6-man band

Ref. SA25

Style: A range of styles from traditional island songs to recent pop songs, reggae, and even Christmas carols.

ProfileFrom a soloist to a six-piece band, Steel Drum Lilt bring a touch of the heat and passion of the Caribbean to your event. Their music is full of humour and warmth, rhythm and celebration. The flexibility in the size of the group means your music can fit your venue at any point in the event. Steel Drum Lilt are professional musicians with years of experience. Always colourful, always a talking point, this is fantastic live music for anything from a private party to a corporate reception.They play for many weddings too, and can even play you down the aisle, indoors or out, at your civil ceremony.


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